RISKAlert:   DOD Raises Threat Level at U.S. Military Bases Today

While the DOD cited no specific threat, they did refer to the recent attack in Garland, Texas, (last Tuesday),
after ISIS claimed responsibility for the Prophet Mohammed cartoon contest featuring cartoons about
“the Prophet”.

The threat level was raised to ‘Bravo’ level, and it’s worth noting that it’s the first time the
threat level has been that high since the anniversary of the 911 attacks on September 11, 2011,
which was the 10th anniversary of the 2001 attacks.

A higher threat level could mean 100% ID checks at the entrance to all military bases, including air force
bases, army bases, navy and marine bases.   It also puts base military police on alert to be highly
situationally aware, including investigating anything they see that might be terms “suspicious”.
The FBI will also increase surveillance of suspected pro-ISIS individuals.

Persistent stories have been focusing on the Texas border, which may be harboring an ISIS camp,
and the right wing media has reported that an ISIS camp may be sending their soldiers into the US
on specific missions.  Although this has been widely discredited by officials,  some circles are
reporting a link to the Army’s Operation Jade Helm, a massive military drill across nine states,
which is slated for July 15th, to September 15th, 2015.

We encourage individuals to be situationally alert AT ALL TIMES, and a increasein military alert levels would certainly be something to note.



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