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Risk and Security LLC creates easy to use Security Risk Assessments apps, and
assists clients in creating and conducting security risk assessments, HVA Risk
Assessments, NERC-CIP Energy Risk Assessments, Custom Assessments
for the U.S. Department of Defense, Technical Support Working Group (TSWG),
and HIPAA Risk Analysis.

Find easy to use, affordable software apps (RISK-Pro), security awareness apps
(RISKAlerts) and industry-wide models for 
security risk assessment and risk analysis for:

  •    Hospital-Healthcare RISK-PRO Security Risk Assessments
    with Active Shooter- Emergency Preparedness
  •    Facilities Security RISK-PRO- FEMA Guidelines with OSHA-Active Shooter
  •    HIPAA Risk Analysis RISK-PRO for Privacy and Security Rules
        including the HIPAA Omnibus Rule

John-hopkins-hospital-warren-davis-incident1Includes Standards and Guidelines:

FEMA 426- Guidelines for Preventing Terrorism in Facilities

FEMA 428 for Safe Schools

IAHSS Guidelines for Hospital Security
Joint Commission Compliance
Environment of Care,  Life Safety and
Patient Safety Issues

DHS Active Shooter Risk, OSHA Violence Prevention, All-New OSHA 3148