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Hospitals and Healthcare
Active Shooter Risk Assessments & Healthcare Facility Risk Assessments

CMS All-Hazards Facility Risk Assessments
Environment of Care Assessments

OUR RISKAlerts Provide Weekly Risk & Security Event Updates To Increase
Awareness of  Workplace Violence, Preparedness for Natural Disasters & Emergency
Management considerations for the
 CMS Final Rule and includes how to create
Emergency Plans for hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding, Active Shooters, Civil Unrest
and more!

Our Risk Consultants have more than 100 years of Risk Assessment Expertise to Make Sure you Meet the Latest Standards to Protect Patients, Staff AND your Medicare and Medicaid Reimbursements. New CMS Standards for every hospital that accepts Medicare or Medicaid require annual All-Hazards Risk Assessments on Every Facility,
Every Year!

Call 301-346-9055  to get information, or a free project plan, for your custom Hospital and Healthcare Provider Facility Risk Assessments.