2023 has been THE WORST YEAR on record for Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Incidents.
We help your staff PREVENT Active Shooters and Workplace Violence Incidents! Our active shooter analysts come to your offices, campus, or hospitals and medical facilities and teach your staff:

1.   We teach staff to always be Situationally Aware.

2.   We can conduct a Rapid Active Shooter Risk Assessment to see how likely you are
to have an Active Shooter Incident in your Facility and provide Corrective Action Plans,
with New Controls recommended by their RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI)!
3.   We can do Active Shooter training for  your entire staff.

Email me now to find out More & Schedule An Active Shooter Program to Protect Your Staff!

Our Active Shooter Program is being used by hundreds of organizations across the U.S. including businesses, hospitals, college campuses, schools, healthcare facilities, law firms, and local, state and federal agencies.

The Active Shooter Program is effective, affordable and will change the
way your employees maintain security in your organization.

RISKAlerts are part of The Active Shooter Program is a simple, affordable
security awareness program to keep the entire staff updated with the
latest high profile security incidents. The Number #1 Way to make
employees situationally aware.

For More Information, send your contact information to:   
And Put RISKALERT in the subject line.