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The current pandemic and the speed of transmission through each separate country is different. Singapore, for example, has run a very tight ship! They started testing early, they had an efficient system set up to deal with the cases that were identified, which limited the spread of the virus.

China had ignored (or hidden)  news about the virus initially, but as it spread, they quickly starting setting up checkpoints, building hospitals overnight, and aggressively treating cases that were uncovered.

The U.S. has let its citizens down by NOT STRESSING THE IMPORTANCE OF PREPAREDNESS.   327 million people are at risk of becoming infected, since the CDC confirmed ‘community transmission’ (where you are infected without direct human-to-human contact). And even if only 1% of the population contracted the virus – that’s over 3 million people at risk.

Without the emphasis on preparedness, people are left wondering how to prepare. Should they just take extra Vitamin C?   Should they stay home?  Cancel Spring Break?  Cancel another vacation?   Continue on with life as usual?   After hearing from hundreds of people, people are not at all sure of how to prepare, or whether they even need to prepare!

Being prepared for any incident saves lives! Whether being prepared means having an access control system for your office, or whether you have a protective N95 mask, it means the incident might not happen to you at all, or, in a worst case, that you reduce the impact of an incident.

For a viral pandemic, the preparation is relatively simple. It involves having cleaning and disinfectant supplies available to keep surfaces clean and virus-free. It means getting 60 days of your prescription medicine in advance, so you won’t be affected by any supply chain interruptions. It means limiting your activity temporarily, so you reduce your chances of being exposed to the #coronavirus.

Being prepared is something we all need to evaluate, remembering that some of the prep steps we take for a virus, can also be helpful in case of a hurricane, or a tornado or a natural disaster like a flooding event.


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