5 Tips to Prevent Workplace Violence

After studying the twenty-seven state guidelines and also new guidance from
OSHA on how to prevent workplace violence incidents,

Here are 5 tips of what areas to work on in your organization:

1.  Redo Policies – Make sure you have a clear ‘no weapons’ policy and make
     employees sign a pledge when they join the organization.

2.  Dynamic Awareness Training   – Make sure that EVERY employee attends
     a training program about workplace violence issues,  whether it’s 1 hour or
     4 hours  annually.  But boring computer training is not enough.

3.  Do a Baseline Violence Assessment   – See where your organization
     rates compared to other companies and see how closely you match to
     new standards and guidelines on Workplace Violence issues.

4.  Require Employees to Report Every Incident – Communicate to employees
     that they are required to report EVERY incident, whether it is domestic
     violence at work,  Patient violence, or anything else.  Be tough!

5.  Use Incident Tracking  – Work with both Security and HR to make sure
     every incident is tracked for analysis, and all employees know where and how
     to report incidents