7 Hot Weather Tips for People & Pets

Seven Tips to Reduce Heat-Related Health Problems

I grew up in southern California without air conditioning!  I used to jump in the pool and sleep in wet pajamas with a fan running to stay cool. 

And don’t forget to give your pets the care they
need during hot weather!

The best defense is prevention. Here the top 8 tips for coping with hot weather.

1.  Drink more liquids (not alochol) and drink more all day, not just
     when you feel thirsty.

2.  Don’t drink alcohol or sugary drinks – they cause you to lose
     body fluid.

3.  Stay indoors in air conditioning.  If you don’t have a/c, go to
     the library or the mall.  And bring your pets into the air
     conditioning, too.

4.  Cool off with water, take a cool shower before bed.  And make
     sure pets have plenty of cool water, too, add ice to their water

5.   Wear white, or light-colored clothing that doesn’t absorb the heat, it will
      reduce insect bites, too.

6.   NEVER leave children or pets in a closed vehicle during the summer and
      especially during a heat wave.

7.   Reduce strenuous outdoor exercise until the heat breaks.