A Message for Politicians on the Fourth of July

Another happy fourth of July barbeque, red, white and blue flags waving on porches across America.   The politicians are out in force, speaking at parks about the future of America.

But it seems to me that they no longer really put the USA first.  Instead, they put their job first, their party first, their lobbying interests first, and the USA fits in somewhere after that.

We have all seen what happens in divided countries – we learn about the US Civil War, we watch what is happening in the Sudan, we observed what happened in Bosnia and Serbia
 – and what is happening in #Tibet.  

Our country, the citizens AND the leaders, need to start working together, and make the good of the country more important than artificial party differences. 

All over the world people want exactly the same things – a safe, decent place to live, enough food, clean water, a good education for their children – AND a way to get ahead by working hard.

I hope today that someone reads this and finds a way to get this great country back on track by discussion and agreement and coming together, instead of creating artificial distinctions between Americans based on party allegiances.  Our first allegiance has to be to America!