Finishing my Pandemic Flu Preparations

I have heard so much about Pandemic Flu so I decided to set up my own pandemic flu plan for my home.  I have everything I need — including food, medicine, dog food, trash bags, extra water.  My sister-in-law just moved to southern California and her friends told her to get ready for the next earthquake — and she followed my pandemic flu personal checklist.  Now’s she’s also ready for anything.  The nice thing about being prepared for one potential disaster means you can be ready for all of them — earthquakes, power outages, hurricanes, OR pandemic flu.  We are now including the pandemic flu planning assessments in all our RiskWatch products.   But let me know if you’d like to review one of my checklists for your personal continuity plans.


Caroline R. Hamilton is the Founder of RiskWatch, Inc., the original top-rated risk assessment software.  Hamilton served on the NIST Model-Builder’s Workshop on Risk Management from 1988-1995 and on the National Security Agency’s Network Rating Workshop.  In addition, she was a member of the U.S. Department of Defense’s Defensive Information Warfare Risk Management Model and has worked on a variety of risk assessment and risk management groups, including the ASIS Information Technology Security Council and the IBM Data Governance Council, created by Steven Adler.  Hamilton also received the Maritime Security Council’s Distinguished Service Award and has written for a variety of books and magazines including the CSI Alert, the Computer Security Journal, the ISSA Newsletter, The HIPAA Compliance Handbook, Defense News, Security & Design, Cargo Security and many other publications.  Based in Annapolis, Maryland, Hamilton is a graduate of the University of California.

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