My Take on Not Having Health Insurance to Encourage Health Accountability

I raised my children without healthcare insurance!!  Wow – what a great accomplishment!  Now they are both healthy grown men who take their health very seriously. They stay in shape, exercise, both go to the gym every day or at least every other day and I think that accountability for their own health came from growing up without health insurance.

Health insurance is a scam in many ways.  It has the proven result of making people not care about their own health, not being responsible for their own health because they figure, “If something bad happens, insurance will cover it”.

So they overeat, drink too much,  eating transfat donuts, fried chicken, french fries and go to the doctor when their arteries start closing up at age 50, or when they find out they are pre-diabetic, or have high blood pressure.

My independent health care started when I didn’t have health insurance through my company, but then I got it and decided never to use it! That has been a point of honor for me.

I like the idea that I have to pay for my own health maintenance.  If I HAVE TO PAY FOR IT, I get very picky about how much I have to spend, and the best way NOT to spend money on healthcare is to STAY HEALTHY!

A revolutionary thought!  But – hey, it’s worked for me my whole life. I have never been sick, except for scarlet fever when I was 7.   So go back and read some of my other posts about working out, eating fresh, whole, organic food, and doing yoga, and whether you have health insurance or not, you may find there’s a way to stay healthy!