Obesity is Being Subsidized by Federal and County Governments!

Chris Christy is a guy who looks like he is heavy enough to be pre-diabetic, must have high blood pressure, probably high cholesterol, too.

We all know what this fat-syndrome looks like.  Michelle Obama knows, with her emphasis on reducing childhood obesity.  Jamie Oliver knows with his effort to make school cafeterias healthier.

Here’s the DISCONNECT – the federal government is subsidizing unhealthy, bad food that contributes to our national health crisis.  Did you know the government INVENTED high fructose corn syrup to help farmers.  

Local city and county government subsidize bad food in their school cafeterias because it’s easier to let McDonalds make the food, then the ‘cooks’ don’t actually have to cook, just heat up the pre-packaged food.

Watch TV shows like THE BIGGEST LOSER, and see how being overweight causes emotional problems, as well as health problems and you can just go to the local mall to see how prevalent the problem.

It’s SO EASY to eat healthy and get healthy but this healthy message is drowned in government fundings for beef producers, cattle barons, pork producers, chicken farmers and even the salt lobby.

Yes, the SALT LOBBY wants the government to stop telling people they are eating too much salt and to stop setting healthy limits.

I think this country is ready for a nutrition revolution – don’t eliminate the unhealthy choices, but don’t subsidize them!  Take away their free money and food will be right-priced and the country’s energy can go to teaching people about eating healthy.

This is such a frustrating mess, energized by my own lifelong battle with weight –
that some days I want to just walk around the country, door, to door, doing personal health risk assessments – showing people how to eat and cook healthier!

The SALT LOBBY?  Give me a break…