If one picture is worth a thousand words, then this new TV show “The Wanted” is worth about a million words!

The debut of “The Wanted” showed the terrorist-fighting journalists meeting with the Norwegian government to find out how to get a Jihad-loving Mullah deported back to Iraq to face charges for murder. The interesting twist of this series is that it shows the journalists meeting with, and clearly identifying, the woman and agency in Norway that is protecting the mullah. They go on to meet with other politicians in Norway and step through all the red tape to find out — what is required to get this terrorist out of Norway and to Iraq to face charges.

Their actions have already set a chain of events in motion including having Iraqi officials say they will not give the Mullah the death penalty, which is apparently what Norway wanted to hear. But even after that concession was made, the person directly in charge of having him deported, was still denying that he would be sent back.

Enter accountability! One TV show with the individuals picture on it — and the bureaucracy is exposed and now action takes place and spurs other actions.

It reminded me of the power of having individuals names linked to their truthful answers about how well or poorly they were complying with specific security requirements. You can talk about high, medium, and low until your face turns blue, but it just theoretical talk — until you actually show real names, with real answers and then it becomes REAL. It becomes actionable intelligence that is much much harder to ignore or push away, out of your consciousness.

I have never discussed a TV show before — but you should check out THE WANTED and see how it focuses the white light of accountability on everyone who is interviewed!! Monday nights on Dateline — catch it.

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