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Federal Court

Crime and Punishment II – Sentencing of Rod Blagojevich

Today marks a historic day in the State of Illinois.  While the previous governor is still in prison on corruption charges, out-going, loud-mouth Rod Blagojevich is in court to receive his sentence on federal corruption charges.

This is a great moment for the judge and the judicial system to hand out a sentance that will help PERMANENTLY end the endemic corruption in the Illinois executive branch.

Americans always point out corruption issues in other countries — but this is the MidWest — the Heartland of America.  In fact, I know people who ONLY hire people from the midwest because they think they are more honest and more hardworking.

So I hope that this verdict will uphold justice because I firmly believe that a country is only as good as it’s justice system.  It defines everything else that happens (read my previous post on the SEC failures to enforce).

Every judicial decision, even a non-decision, sends out a strong message to the next potential corrupt politican that the State of Illinois, and the US as a whole, cannot allow corruption in our elected officials!