Why Influence/Visibility is Now the Name of the Game

Why would a woman go public with accusations after a grope that happened fourteen years ago? I watched a woman this morning reporting her alleged incident with Gloria Allred glued to her side.

I can’t help but think — what is she getting out of this? Maybe she’s jobless and needs a new gig. Maybe she just wants her 15 minutes of fame. (By my calculations, she has used up only 8 minutes of her 15 min. fame allowance).

I started thinking whether you call it ‘FAME’, VISIBILITY”, or anything else — such as overexposure, hogging the spotlight, etc., it is the new currency and it is as potent as money.

If you don’t believe me, think about Joe the Plumber, plucked by McCain from total obscurity and now running for Senate! Just visibility is to blame for that — not intelligence, not good looks (sorry, Joe), not personal moral vision, nothing but the media minutes you can accumulate.

Lots of people get their chance, and 99 % fade back into obscurity, or become a little bigger fish in their tiny pond, but there exists with fame/visibility, an opportunity for becoming someone better.

Thining of good examples, I would have to include Jaycee Dugard, Elizabeth Smart, Eliot Spitzer, Michael Steele, the famous Russian spy girl in that group. They took their moment and ran with it.

I hope if I ever get my 5 minutes, I can do as well.